Double Hung Replacement Windows in Minneapolis

Replacement Double Hung Windows

The beauty of Elements starts with an elegant cove-mould face. Due to new World Class Sturtz robotics equipment, these windows have smooth micro-abraded corner seams, perfect welds, and very tight tolerances of 1/32”. These features add to their elegance and eliminate air leaks.

The beauty of this window goes deeper, however, to what you can’t see.

  • Unique invisible tilt hardware system (ILTIS) completely eliminates the traditional, unsightly tilt latches and enables one-touch operation of the tilt-in feature.

The inner beauty of Elements continues with the advanced design ourEndura-Force balances, which out-perform all others. This system incorporates a Teflon coated ¾” heavy duty constant force balance that never needs adjusting, and has a buttery smooth operation.

Our double-hung window offers even more with Dura-Sill. Dura-Sill is a one-of-a-kind sill design in the window industry. Together with the Elements sash it combines interlocks, air locks, weather-stripping, water barriers, and diversions that work 24-7 to maximize energy efficiency. With this innovative sash/sill combination a gust of air would have to force its way around ten 90 degree turns, over one interlock, through a triple-fin weather-strip and between Soft-Seal neoprene gasket and ledge before making its way into your home. Highly unlikely!

Combine that with the Comfort-Foam insulation, which fills in each critical cavity of the sash and sill extrusions, and you now, have the most energy efficient sill in the industry.

Finally, Dura-Sill is mortised and welded into the jamb, and it has special barriers and diversions designed right into it. Both of these features drastically reduce the possibility of water build-up on the sill, in the corners, and under the sash, making this an industry-leading feature.

Smooth-n-Easy Integral Lift Rails are incorporated into the design of both our double-hung and slider windows. The design of the lift rail is significant, because it is an integral part of the profile – not part of the glazing bead, which can work itself loose over time. Smooth-n-easy is far superior to traditional snap-in style lift rails that frequently snap out.

Soft-Lite Balances Comfort Foam Insulation
Soft-Lite Balances Comfort-Foam Insulation

One of the most impressive features of the Elements window is its “best in industry” energy efficiency rating.  With the Ultimate glass package included, it touts a U-factor of 0.16. There are a number of components that contribute to this U-factor, one of them being the metal-free Super Spacer that separates the three panes of glass an drastically reduces the transfer of cold conduction through the glass unit.