Single Hung Replacement Windows in Minneapolis

Replacement Single Hung Window

Similar in appearance to a Double Hung Windows, the Single Hung Window is a classic window that will complement any home. The top part of the window is fixed, while the lower portion can slide up to allow for air flow.The lower, operable sash of the Single Hung Window tilts-in for easy cleaning from the inside of your home, while the upper sash remains fixed for reduced air infiltration and uncompromised security.

Builders & Remodelers only installs quality products, and our windows are no exception. Every window we install is done with professionals, and we do not sub-contract to anyone else. We have been in the business for over 60 years and that is not by accident, it from our high uncompromising standards.

If you are concerned about drafts, please refer to our information on Dura-Sill. It is the most unique window sill design in the industry, combining industry leading components to create an even better design.

Even the weather stripping installed beats industry average. Our windows have  two and half times more weather stripping than the industry average. This is one of many features that allow our window to reach industry best air infiltration ratings.

triple fin weather stripping
Our triple-fin weather stripping.

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