Are Soft-Lite Windows and Doors rated?

Yes, as detailed in the chart below, all of Soft-Lite® Elements windows and doors offer industry leading AAMA® (The American Architectural Manufacturers Association) GOLD LABEL CERTIFIED performance and

    the best

NFRC® (The National Fenestration Rating Council) RATED U-Factor in the window business at 0.16!.

Purchasing a window without knowing its’ AAMA and NFRC ratings would be like buying a car without knowing what its fuel mileage is!

AAMA® CriteriaIndustry MinimumSoft-Lite® ElementsTMResults
Air Infiltration0.300.0130 X Better!
Water Infiltration33 mph56 mph70% Better!
Structural Load94 mph203 mphMore than 200% better!