Original Homeowners Lifetime Workmanship Warranty


Lifetime Warranty on Remodeling Workmanship the Twin Cities. We Guarantee That We Will Get It Right!

Most remodeling and home improvement companies in the Twin Cities and across the Nation would NEVER guarantee their work for more than one year (the minimum allowed by law). Why? Because they just aren’t confident in their services to guarantee this in writing beyond one year.

Not Builders & Remodelers, Inc.!

We believe you deserve the best service for your investment, so we hold our workmanship to a higher standard. We are so confident in our services and the products we use in your home that we offer an unprecedented Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!

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Warranty Downloads

We invite you to download any of our warranties at the links below. The links will open up in a new window for download. All warranty downloads are PDF format.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty Terms

Here’s where we explain what your Warranty covers:

1. The term “Lifetime” means the named homeowner who is the original purchaser of Builders & Remodelers, Inc. products and installation services. The term of the “Lifetime” period shall remain in effect only if the original purchaser remains as the owner and primary occupant of the residence of an uninterrupted basis. This Lifetime Workmanship Warranty expires upon the sale of the resident, the designation of the residence as investment or rental property, or if the original purchaser is no longer the resident of the property. This Lifetime Workmanship Warranty if non-transferable.

2. This Lifetime Workmanship Warranty covers installation according to established industry standards and covers defects caused by improper installation and or damage to the products while being applied that are caused by the installation crew. Lifetime Workmanship Warranty does not apply to painting or staining.

3. Damage to siding, windows, roofing, soffit, fascia, or rainware not covered under this Lifetime Workmanship Warranty include damage to hail, settling or shifting of structural members, structural defects of the building, fire, wind, flood, lightning or other acts of God. In addition, damage caused by international man made acts, unreasonable use, accident, negligence, exposure to harmful chemicals, pollutants, mildew, mold, airborne stains, or nails working out due to normal expansion and contraction are not covered.

4. Product defects and a number of damage exclusions under this Lifetime Workmanship Warranty will be covered under your products manufacturers’ warranty. Damage caused by acts of God should be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. 

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Builders & Remodelers, Inc. has served over 40,000 clients since 1952. We provide the most energy-efficient and maintenance-free exterior remodeling services available in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) area combined with our industry leading Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. And we make it easy to get started with our “Easy Financing Program”.

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Ken Bressler
President, Builders & Remodelers, Inc.