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TAMKO pro certified contractorBuilders & Remodelers recently attained the status of TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor, which comes with a variety of outstanding building products and warranty benefits for our customers.

What is a TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor?

To qualify for the TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor Program, contractors must successfully complete the application and approval process, which features a variety of special qualifications. Those qualifications include:

  • An established track record
  • Good financial and legal standing
  • Positive reputation

After establishing the Pro Certified Contractor Program for its members, TAMKO Vice President Stephen McNally said:

We are proud to introduce this program and look forward to making it a success.

TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors can offer the Mastercraft Limited Warranty Enhancement for homeowners who purchase Heritage Vintage and Heritage Woodgate products.

By working with a TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor:

Being a TAMKO Pro means offering a level of professionalism that sets [a contractor] apart from [the] competition. This relates to every aspect of the service… from shingle selection, to installation, to ongoing support.

About TAMKO and the Mastercraft Limited Warranty Enhancement

The power of TAMKO products and the Mastercraft Limited Warranty Enhancement means you enjoy superior, long-lasting home renovation products with extraordinary warranty benefits.

About TAMKO from the official website:

TAMKO® Building Products, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products (including Heritage® Asphalt Shingles and Metalworks® Steel Shingles), decking and railing products, waterproofing, cements, and coatings.

Builders & Remodelers Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Home renovation contractors often only offer work guarantees of a year since that’s the minimum allowed by law. That isn’t good enough for Builders & Remodelers since we’re confident in our workmanship and wish to provide our customers with the best warranty in the industry.

We call our warranty the Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, and we’re confident our energy-efficient and maintenance-free exterior remodeling services will offer you the best possible remodeling experience.

Get the Most from Your Remodeling Project

Want to know more about hiring a contractor and getting the best experience possible during your home remodeling project? You’ll want to download our FREE guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Improvement Partner in the Twin Cities Area.