Drafty Windows And Doors: How To Fix Your Home’s Energy Drain

As we enter the winter months, cold air begins to creep into our living spaces. Curbing home energy usage becomes a priority, as the weather becomes cooler and heating costs begin to rise.

With fuel prices on the rise again, drafty windows and doors can empty your pocketbook just as much as an extended summer […]

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Seal Failure

Foggy Windows?

Your home is a living-breathing thing! It moves… Yes, you heard me correctly it moves. The foundation of your home moves, especially here in Minnesota with the freeze-thaw weather we see each and every year. You may be asking – what does this have to do with seal failure? Everything!

With movement in your […]

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Air Infiltration

One of the main reasons homeowners begin the replacement window process is due to ‘draftiness’ in their existing windows. Drafty windows have many downfalls.

  1. You energy bills are extremely high (relatively speaking) for what it costs to heat and cool your home.
  2. When the weather is extremely hot or cold you are more then likely experiencing […]
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Condensation or Moisture Build-up on Your Windows

Do you have condensation or moisture build-up on your windows and are not sure why? Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent this problem from happening. If, this doesn’t work … You need new windows!

Why It Happens

It is very scientific. Long story short, it all has to do with humidity levels in […]

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