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Do you have condensation or moisture build-up on your windows and are not sure why? Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent this problem from happening. If, this doesn’t work … You need new windows!

Why It Happens

It is very scientific. Long story short, it all has to do with humidity levels in your home, dew point levels outside your home and the temperature of the window panes in your windows. When the relative humidity in your home reaches the temperature of the windows the glass takes the moisture out of the air and places it on the window. Resulting in… You got it… Condensation and/or moisture build-up.

Tips & Tricks

There are 5 things you can do to help prevent condensation or moisture build-up in your windows.

  1. Leave your bathroom fan on for 20 to 30 minutes after a shower. This only works if the fan exports the air from your bathroom to the exterior of your home. If, your fan does not have an exterior export leave a window open as well. (Same goes for kitchens if your cook or boiling a lot of water)
  2. Purchase a dehumidifier.
  3. Lower the humidity levels with your home, by changing shower and cooking habits to reduce humidity levels within your home.
  4. New efficient windows need warm inside air to help keep glass warm. Inside curtains and drapes drawn or pulled keep warn air from reaching the window, causing window frames and glass temperatures to drop, increasing the possibility of condensation. Opening curtains and blinds actually help keep your room warmer and lessen the possibility of condensation on your glass.
  5. The colder the outside temperature the lower the humidity level needs to be in order to lessen condensation conditions.

If, you have tried all of these methods and are still seeing condensation or moisture build-up, or are unwilling to change your habits. The answer could be to purchase new triple-pane windows with a high rating in condensation resistance given by the NFRC. New energy efficient window help with your problem. Although no one can promise that you will not see condensation or moisture build-up some windows help prevent this problem more then others.

Adam Bressler
Marketing Department Head
Builders & Remodelers, Inc.