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Plan Your Winter Prep In Advance

It’s always a good idea to prepare your home for winter before the snow begins to fall. The sooner you do this, the better equipped for the long winter your home will be.

It can also be a more cost-effective time to purchase insulation for attics, piping systems and window caulking.

As the early days of winter begin, there are five easy steps to prep your home:

1) Create a checklist of the winterizing needs of the interior and exterior of your home 

2) Prepare an organized, efficient “To Do” list to complete tasks to prep for winter

3) Purchase insulation, caulk, furnace filters (if applicable) and covers for outdoor central air conditioning units

4) Set up an annual tune-up of your heating system with a heating professional

5) Remove outdoor garden hoses, turn off water to exterior garden faucet and cover with an insulated thermal cover to prevent icing over.

Things To Consider Early On

Winterizing a home includes your property and yard accessories like your swimming pool, backyard barbecue, screen house or garden shed. You’ll want to store or cover all outdoor furniture and lawn tools. The basic idea of prepping your home for winter is to direct your attention to items inside and out that are not suited to sub-zero temperatures.

Planning And Implementing Your Winter Prep

Prepare a checklist of areas of the interior and exterior of your home that should be inspected for drafts and damages, for instance, around exterior windows and doors.

Prepare a “To Do” list of tasks that should be performed before frigid weather arrives. This is a good time to use weekends or free time to purchase insulation and other items needed to prep your home.

This also an ideal time to insulate attics, piping and water heaters or to spend a few hours caulking around interior and exterior windows where drafts are most likely to occur.

The end result is lower energy bills, and a lower carbon footprint.

Tune-up Your Heating System

Before the heating system is in operation, seek the assistance of a professional heating expert to inspect the entire heating system and replace any worn parts.

The worst possible situation is a heating system breakdown on the most frigid day of winter and waiting for repair services. Begin the first furnace operation by installing a fresh furnace filter, and consider having ductwork cleaned prior to operation.

Inspect Your Fireplace

If you are planning on using your fireplace regularly this winter, it needs a thorough inspection before winter arrives to ensure there are no cracks, carbon buildup, or other problems that can lead to a dangerous fireplace fire in the home.

A fireplace that is used regularly should also be cleaned annually, and be sure to rotate your firewood and cover for easier access when snow arrives.

Reminders For Winter Prep

Before retrieving the snow blower, inspect it and provide a tune-up before you need it. Keep rock salt and de-icer for steps and walkways indoors in a dry, convenient place.

Take these five easy steps to prep your home for winter – then sit back, relax, and feel secure by knowing you are fully prepared for the onslaught of old man winter.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you prepare your home for the long Minnesota winter!