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Replace Those Old Drafty Windows with Any of Our Multiple Window Designs

New windows can make a significant difference in the appearance of your home. At Builders and Remodelers, Inc., we have a wide range of replacement window options that will improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of your home. You can read about those window options below.

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Bay Windows

Bay windows accent the exterior of the home, but they also add a degree of comfort to the interior. One unique feature is the inside seat that allows a person to sit right inside the window and read a book or admire the outside scenery. The setting is very intimate and highly customizable. For example, you could add a picture window with Double Hung or Casement windows.

Some of the features of Bay Windows include:

  • 1” glass that comes standard for optimal energy efficiency
  • Stainable oak or birch seat that can be painted or stained to match your décor.
  • A transferrable lifetime warranty that gives you confidence in the product
  • Double Hung windows and Casement Windows are available

Bow Windows

  • 1” glass that comes standard for optimal energy efficiency
  • Stainable oak or birch seat that can be painted or stained to match your décor.
  • A transferable lifetime warranty that gives you confidence in the product
  • Double Hung windows and Casement Windows are available

Some of the features of Bow Windows include:

  • Bow Windows are custom-made to ensure the perfect fit and style
  • Stainable birch or oak seat that can match the décor of the room
  • Available with Double Hung and Casement Windows
  • The Super-G warm edge spacer system keeps the window glass edges warmer than the traditional aluminum spacers. This ensures your home’s temperature is more consistent and comfortable.
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Casement & Awning Windows

The Elements casement window by Soft-Lite is a functional specialty window that is very clean in appearance and easy to care for. You have a picture window appearance with the ability to open the sash in order to let in some air. There are many options available with casement windows, such as the ability to use them in Bow Windows, Bay Windows, or any multi-window configuration.

Soft-Lite windows have a single-lever lock handle that ensures the window is locked at multiple points. The handle is easy to operate. The crank handle makes sure you can easily open and close your windows.

Custom Window Designs

If you want a custom-built window option, Architectural Shaped Windows are going to give your home the unique touch that you are looking for. These are stationary windows that are available in multiple configurations. These windows can be placed anywhere you feel appropriate and according to your individual taste.

Some of the features of Custom Window Designs include:

  • 13/16” glass that comes standard to ensure energy efficiency
  • The custom nature of the windows ensures a perfect fit
  • A transferable lifetime warranty
  • There are many shapes to choose from to create a unique look

Double Hung Replacement Windows

Looking around, many homes in the Twin Cities feature Double Hung windows. Homeowners throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all around have opted for this type of window for decades. At Builders & Remodelers, Inc., we offer Double Hung Replacement Windows from Elements that have a simple and elegant cove-mould face. The micro-abraded corner seams are very smooth due to World Class Sturtz robotics equipment that ensures exact welds and a tight tolerance of 1/32” to make sure air doesn’t leak.

But the beauty and efficiency of this window design doesn’t stop there, as the invisible tilt hardware system eliminates the unattractive tilt latches. You have the one-touch operation that you need to tilt the windows in for easy cleaning.

Factor in Endura-Force balances that contribute to the advanced design and you have a Double Hung Replacement Window that outperforms many others. The heavy duty constant force balance is Teflon coated ¾”, which means adjustment is never needed and operation is smooth.

Our double-hung windows also offer Dura-Sill, which is a unique sill design. Combined with the Elements sash, weather-stripping, air locks, diversions, and water barriers, you have an energy efficient window that will work for you 24/7. If the wind is blowing against the window, the wind would have to make a 90 degree turn before it can ever infiltrate the triple-fin weather-strip between the ledge and Soft-Seal neoprene gasket.

Combine all of this with the Comfort-Foam insulation that fills every space of the sill extrusions and sash cavity and you have the most energy-efficient Double Hung Replacement Window in the industry.

Other features include:

  • Dura-Sill is welded and mortised into the jamb
  • Special diversions and barriers are part of the design to reduce water building up on the sill, under the sash, and in corners
  • Integral Lift Rails (Smooth-n-Easy) are built into slider and double-hung designs to prevent the rails from snapping out in the future
  • An energy rating that is classified as the “best in the industry”
  • Ultimate glass package that has a U-factor of 0.16
  • Metal-free Super Spacer separates the three panes of glass, which is a major contributor to the energy efficiency of the window
Soft-Lite Balances Comfort-Foam Insulation

Garden Windows

If you want Garden Windows that last, The Elements Garden Vue Window offers exactly what you are looking for. The features of this window type are:

  • Efficient water shedding because of a 30-degree slope
  • The windows open wide for ventilation, as the trapezoidal operating side is specially built for this function
  • The interior is kept dry through weep channels
  • Locking hardware and dual compression seals make sure the windows are water and air tight when closed
  • The seatboard is resistant to fading, warping, discoloration, mold, mildew, delamination, and peeling

Hopper Windows

If you have ever seen windows with hinges at the bottom on homes throughout the Twin Cities, then you have most likely seen Hopper Windows. They open inward, so they are easy to clean and extremely versatile. The features of Hopper Windows are:

  • The windows are custom-made to fit the home perfectly
  • The frame is mechanically fastened
  • A transferable lifetime warranty gives you confidence in the product
  • 13/16” glass comes standard to ensure high energy efficiency

Picture Windows

Most homes have a picture window, and they vary in size. These windows are clean in design and provide an unobstructed view, which, in a way, brings the outdoors inside, and that’s part of what can make a room appear greater. Double Hung and other types of windows can be combined with a picture window to create a unique look.

Single Hung Replacement Windows

Double Hung Replacement Windows are popular, but so are Single Hung Replacement Windows. They look a lot like Double Hung Windows, but the design is a bit more classic and can work aesthetically with any home. Only the lower part of the window slides, as the top part is fixed. The operable sash is also the one that will tilt in so you can clean it. Those preferring a high degree of security from their windows may opt for Single Hung, although our Double Hung windows have multiple locking points for security reasons.

If you are worried about drafts, Dura-Sill will give you the seal that you need. It is a very unique window sill design. Even the weather stripping that we install beats industry standards. We make sure our windows have nearly three times more weather stripping than what the industry mandates. This is why we are so good at what we do and how our Single Hung Windows and other window types keep the Minnesota winter outside where it belongs.

Slider Windows

A Slider Window works much like a Double Hung, but it’s sideways. You get all of the features of a Double Hung window, as well as the different style options and methods of operation. For example, the need for a wider window is going to give you the option of a 2-lite or 3-lite slider. You also don’t have to worry about corrosion because the brass rollers are corrosion-resistant.

New Vinyl Windows

Energy efficiency is important and new vinyl windows will give you what you are looking for. We have Energy Star® certified windows with a .16 U-value. These energy-efficient vinyl windows also come with the lowest air infiltration rating, as they our manufacturer was named the National Energy Star® Partner of the Year in 2014 by the EPA.

What this means is that you will get vinyl windows that can handle the Minnesota weather and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In other words, your heating and air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to maintain temperature, and that saves you money. Any time windows save money, you get a return on investment over time.

To make sure your windows meet the specifications of your home, we custom-manufacture every window that our professional installers install.

In addition to energy efficiency, our new vinyl windows last for years. We also offer 21 exterior colors and 5 wood grain finishes that don’t require any maintenance. You can obtain these windows in the following styles:

  • Double Hung
  • Single Hung
  • Casement Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • And you can ask us about other styles you may not see here

No matter what style you decide upon, all of the windows that we install have extended warranties attached to them. We offer you:

  • Easy-to-clean materials
  • Sills that are perfectly sloped
  • Insulated sash chambers and main-frames
  • Fusion-welded seams that are done robotically

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Get High Quality Window Replacement Services from the Pros at Builders & Remodelers

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