Bay Windows

What are Bay Windows?

A bay window is a window that protrudes from the house. It typically is comprised of three windows; a picture window, with two smaller windows on the sides. Bay windows extend from the home, protruding outward into the yard. They’re known for their ability to raise curb appeal, while simultaneously allowing more external light to enter a home. Their aesthetic appeal makes them a major design upgrade over typical windows, while also requiring no interior space. Their curve also works to make the interior appear larger, while the daylight they allow to enter a home provides an airy, glowing ambiance to any room. Bay Windows can also feature a single Picture Window at the center, which is designed to be the focal point of the window, and provide an undisturbed viewing area.

Benefits of Bay Windows

  • Improved Curb-Side Value
  • Focal Point for Exterior Design
  • Reduced Electricity Bills
  • More External Light

Since bay windows protrude from the home and extend into the exterior space, they provide more space on the interior that can be added to the floor plan. This exterior push also allows for an inside seat to be placed by the bay window, providing the perfect viewing location while simultaneously encompassing the same amount of interior space as a normal window. Bay windows also offer an upgrade in both exterior design and curb appeal, and quickly become a focal point for the exterior of the home. Bay windows also allow more external light to enter a home, which could translate into smaller electricity bills as those lights can remain dim or even turned off during the day.


Invest In Bay Windows

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Why Builders and Remodelers?

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