Bow Windows







What are Bow Windows?

Bow windows are composed of four or more windows, and form one large, curved window that extends outward from the home.  This curve forms a semi-circle, and is ideal for a viewing space.  Bow Windows are also known for letting in even more exterior light than Bay Windows are. Like Bay Windows, Bow Windows contains a small pocket of interior space that is perfect for a sitting chair, or intimate viewing area. They are also known for their ability to trap heat and serve as a focal point for the exterior design of the house, while simultaneously possessing the unique ability to wrap around corners for a look that will be the envy of the entire block. Since they protrude outward into the yard, they also possess a unique ability to provide fresh air circulation when opened.

Benefits of Bow Windows

  • More Exterior Light
  • Warmth Retention
  • Large, beautiful windows
  • Strong ROI

Bow Windows are custom-made to ensure the perfect fit and style and come with a stainable birch or oak seat that can match the décor of the room, and are available with Double Hung and Casement Windows. One unique feature of bow windows is their Super-G warm edge spacer system  – this keeps the window glass edges warmer than the traditional aluminum spacers, which means that your home’s temperature is more consistent and comfortable.






Why Builders and Remodelers?

Builders & Remodelers has been in the window business for over 60 years in MN, providing outstanding, high quality products and pairing them with our professional, versatile and experienced installation teams.  In our time serving the MN community, we have satisfied over 32,000 homeowners while simultaneously providing the most energy-efficient and maintenance free exterior modeling options in the Twin Cities area.  Our easy financing program means no money down and no payment for up to 12 months, while our range of products means we have the options you’re looking for.  Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.