Garden Windows

Garden Windows are very similar to bay windows, in that they protrude from the home, extending into the exterior space, and providing a sort of additional space for viewers. Garden windows are just smaller than bay windows, and, as their name suggests, are often used to display plants and flowers. Our Garden Windows are built with casements designed to allow added ventilation, as well as a strong shelf to display all of your plants and flowers. 

















Our Garden Windows come with a standard 1” thick glass for optimal energy efficiency, while the Super-G warm edge spacer system keeps the window glass edges warmer than the traditional aluminum spacers. This ensures your home’s temperature is more consistent and comfortable. They come with stainable oak and a birch seat that can be painted or stained to match your décor. Our Garden Windows come with custom-made protruding windows to ensure the perfect fit. They can also be combined with Casement and Double Hung Windows for a singular design.

Benefits of Garden Windows

Garden windows provide an immediate upgrade to both the exterior and interior design of your home. They also allow more natural light to enter a home, which can in turn help nourish your plants. Utilizing Garden Windows next to your plant display can ultimately help your plants grow, while simultaneously reducing lighting bills, and providing an airy feeling to the space. The benefits of Garden Windows include:

  • Increased sunlight
  • Aesthetic upgrade
  • Improved air ventilation

Why Builders and Remodelers?

If you think that Garden Windows may be the solution to your home renovation needs, contact us today, or fill out a free estimate form and let’s get started on your newest project! Here at Builders and Remodelers, our expert teams provide residential window installation. All of our crews are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and our experienced contractors are led by managers with over 40 years of experience. Our easy financing program makes it painless to get started, and our free in home consultations are unmatched. Reach out today to get started.