Hopper Windows

A hopper window is a window that opens downwards and inwards.  The pane tilts upwards, which can be effective at blocking debris such as dirt, rocks, and grass from entering the home. If you have ever seen windows with hinges at the bottom throughout the Twin Cities, then you have most likely seen Hopper Windows.


Benefits of Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are easy to clean and extremely versatile. Our Hopper windows come custom-made to fit a home’s exact specifications and design preferences, while the frame is mechanically fastened to ensure security and durability.  13/16” glass comes standard to ensure high energy efficiency, while our array of sizes and designs make them a great option for low-level and basement window replacement.  The fact that they open inward makes them easy to clean and extremely versatile.  They can come in different sizes, and are a secure option for those homeowners looking to protect belongings on the first or below ground levels of their home.  Overall, hopper windows:

  • Are easy to Clean
  • Provide great security
  • Are ideal for Basements
  • Provide good insulation

Hopper vs. Awning Windows

Awning and hopper windows look incredibly similar from the outside of a home, and are often incorporated in similar physical locations as well.  Both windows are rugged, stylish, secure, and dependable.  They are both hinged, allow for control over air ventilation, perform well against the elements, and are used for privacy and security.  Much like awning windows, a hopper window can be incorporated just about anywhere in a home.  Both feature tight, solid locks and provide good insulation as well.  While an awning window features the unique ability to be propped open in the rain, hopper windows prove to be very efficient at blocking debris when propped open, providing a homeowner control over ventilation.  Both can also be used in conjunction with larger windows to create a unique design, and may feature pressure seals to help further improve insulation and reduce external noise.

The main difference between awning and hopper windows is that awning windows are typically hinged at the top and will open up and out, while hopper windows are typically hinged at the bottom and will open down and in. This difference may not be noticeable when the two windows are locked, but becomes clear when they open.

Why Builders and Remodelers?

If you think that Hopper Windows may be the solution to your home renovation needs, contact us today, or fill out a free estimate form and let’s get started on your newest project! Why choose us? Builders & Remodelers, Inc. has served over 40,000 clients since 1952. We provide the most energy-efficient and maintenance-free exterior remodeling services available in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St.Paul) area.  Then we pair those services with our industry leading Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee, ensuring your windows stay beautiful for years to come. Give us a call today!