Slider Windows








What are Slider Windows?

Slider windows do just that; they slide. Typically, one window will be fixed, while the other is fashioned to slide over top the existing window in order to open it. Slider Windows make a great choice for any homeowner looking to improve the interior design of their home, while also implementing a more modern aesthetic. Slider Windows are great for ventilation, and come complete with multi-cavity construction for stability. Pairing them with as energy efficient glass or even impact glass can result in a quality, appealing product that’s durable for years to come.

Benefits of Slider Windows

Slider Windows come with a range of benefits. The first, and most obvious being improved interior design. Slider Windows are a cornerstone for interior design and thanks to their glass, can also be used to highlight a beautiful view. Another great benefit to Slider Windows is that they can open and close without utilizing any additional interior space. This helps a homeowner maximize their internal floor plan. Slider Windows can also let in as much or little air as you want, providing the homeowner the unique ability to control external airflow and ventilation. Slider Windows provide all the benefits and features of a Double Hung window, including different style options and even methods of operation. Some additional benefits to Slider Windows are:

  • Improved Interior Design
  • Highlighted flow of space
  • Solid Locking System
  • Easy ventilation
  • Lots of Exterior Light

How to Invest In Slider Windows

If you think that Slider Windows may be the solution to your home renovation needs, contact us today, or fill out a free estimate form and let’s get started on your newest project!

Why Builders and Remodelers?

Builders & Remodelers has been in the window business for over 60 years in MN, providing outstanding, high quality products and pairing them with our professional, versatile and experienced installation teams. In our time serving the MN community, we have satisfied over 32,000 homeowners while simultaneously providing the most energy-efficient and maintenance free exterior modeling options in the Twin Cities area. Our easy financing program means no money down and no payment for up to 12 months, while our range of products means we have the options you’re looking for. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.