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CertainTeed® and Alside® Vinyl Siding Will Beautify and Protect Your Twin Cities Home

The full-time siding installers at Builders & Remodelers, Inc have installed maintenance-free siding throughout the Twin Cities metro since 1952. In that time, we have learned about what the customers feel to be the most valuable to them. We have also learned about what makes up a high quality siding product.

But how do YOU know that the siding we install is of a high quality?

You know because our Minneapolis and St. Paul siding company only uses products that we would install on our own homes. We have done the extensive research and found the best in every category. We call this program our Good, Better, Best program. But in the end, your needs are what determine what’s perfect for your home and your preferences.

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No Payments! No Interest! Until 2020

Our Vinyl Siding Solutions Will Protect Your Home

At Builders & Remodelers we can help you keep your home looking beautiful with our vinyl siding services. Since 1952, we have been providing St. Paul, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities with exceptional siding solutions. We take the time to get to know our customers so we can learn exactly what is valuable in their regards. Using our vinyl siding experience when it comes to top quality products we have been able to suggest excellent siding options that beautify the exterior of any home.

When you need the advice and services of professional siding installers were simply a phone call away. No matter what category of siding you choose, our extensive research allows us to provide you with the best solutions. Our customers’ needs are what will ultimately determine what is perfect for their home. Search for our vinyl siding services by conducting a local voice search using the terms near me and nearby.

We Offer Siding with Engineered Performance and Energy Efficiency

Let us guide you in the process of choosing the vinyl siding that is going to make your home look great and become more energy efficient. Take advantage of our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. We also offer easy financing without any down payment, and no payments for twelve months. It is our goal to make it easy for our customers to get the siding they need, precisely when they need it. We are ready to answer your call and provide top quality services at affordable prices.

Our Excellent Vinyl Siding Solutions Include:

  • Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Vinyl Siding Replacement
  • House Siding Installation
  • Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Comparing Vinyl Siding Brands:

Here is a comparison of the best vinyl siding products we have found from Alside and CertainTeed:

  Good Better Best
  American Legend Monogram 46L Prodigy


  • STUDfinder Installation System
  • Coordinates with trim and soffits
  • wide range of colors with wood and brushed finishes
  • extremely affordable
  • 0.046″ thickness for improved durability
  • TrueTexture finish
    STUDfinder Installation System
  • CertiLock self-aligning system eliminates waviness
  • Extended panel lengths reduce seams
  • Most durable at 0.046″ thick
  • foam-backed siding adds up to R-5 in insulation
  • maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly
  • RigidLock panel design
  • variety of lengths reduces seams up to 35%
  • captures the look of traditional plank siding


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GOOD: American Legend by CertainTeed

American Legend is of a high quality and this is recognized by the thousands of builders, architects, exterior remodelers, and customers that put their trust in the product. In fact, Wolverine’s American Legend ranks #1 in quality among all of the aforementioned groups of individuals. The STUDfinder installation system has something to do with this since it is designed to make installation more accurate and secure.

This system has indicator letters and nail slots that help locate studs. This also keeps the installers from driving nails into plumbing, wiring, and other systems inside the wall cavity. Because of the security of the installation, it is less likely that the siding will blow off of the house. It also prevents over-nailing and buckling.

Because it is important for your siding to coordinate with the trim and soffits of the home, there are many colors and textures to choose from so that you can easily coordinate. What’s more is that the look will last because of the lifetime-limited warranty on the product.

BETTER: Monogram46L by CertainTeed

It’s the durability that puts Monogram in the “better” category. At 0.046 thickness, it can stand up better to the abuses that siding throughout the Twin Cities goes through. The TrueTexture finish is unique in that the texture comes from real cedar boards. This gives the natural painted wood look, but the siding is maintenance-free vinyl.

Like American Legend, Monogram also has the STUDfinder technology for making sure the installation is secure to the home and accurate. The RidgidForm technology also makes sure the siding interlocks in a way that it can withstand wind of up to 220mph before the siding blows off of the home. Factor in the CertiLock self-aligning system, and you have siding that self-aligns while it is being installed. This gives the home a uniform look because waviness is eliminated.

With different panel lengths available, you can choose a look that makes the seams less obvious. This gives the siding a much cleaner look by 35% when compared to some of the other siding installs.

BEST: Prodigy by Alside

Prodigy is durable at a thickness of 0.046 and it is foam-backed with the thickest siding backing on the market, which can add an R-value of 5 to the exterior of the home. This is siding that is designed to be eco-friendly and free of maintenance. It never requires painting, staining, sealing, treating, or cleaning. This means no need to ever use any harmful or toxic chemicals on your home’s exterior.

Homes that utilize wood siding need to be treated and the treatments that are used can have a negative impact on the environment and the health of the individuals living within the home. Because Prodigy is synthetic, there is no contribution to the depletion of the ecosystem.

Add in the weather-tight construction and you have siding that is going to last a long time. Because of the thermal protection you receive, you use less electricity and/or fuel when heating and cooling your home. This lowers your carbon footprint and saves you money.

Energy Efficiency and Engineered Performance:

Because of the insulator factors, Prodigy has a high comfort factor that keeps the temperature consistent throughout the home. You get all-weather protection. The insulation on the back of the siding is up to 1.5 inches thick, which is the thickest available on the market today. You also receive ThermoSphere as your energy gap protection. One way to look at it is that you are getting a blanket for your home because you also have TrueForm and RidgidLock for a weather-tight install.

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Receive Up To $2,500 Off Per Siding Job Now Until August 31st, 2018

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Receive Up To $2,500 Off Per Siding Job