Vinyl Siding from Monogram 46L by CertainTeed

Monogram 46L CertainTeed Siding Builders & Remodelers

About Monogram 46L by CertainTeed

It’s the durability that puts Monogram in the “better” category. At 0.046 thickness, it can stand up better to the abuses that siding throughout the Twin Cities goes through. The TrueTexture finish is unique in that the texture comes from real cedar boards. This gives the natural painted wood look, but the siding is maintenance-free vinyl.

Like American Legend, Monogram also has the STUDfinder technology for making sure the installation is secure to the home and accurate. The RidgidForm technology also makes sure the siding interlocks in a way that it can withstand wind of up to 220mph before the siding blows off of the home. Factor in the CertiLock self-aligning system, and you have siding that self-aligns while it is being installed. This gives the home a uniform look because waviness is eliminated.

With different panel lengths available, you can choose a look that makes the seams less obvious. This gives the siding a much cleaner look by 35% when compared to some of the other siding installs.


  • 0.046″ thickness for improved durability
  • TrueTexture finish
    STUDfinder Installation System
  • CertiLock self-aligning system eliminates waviness
  • Extended panel lengths reduce seams

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